My name is Amalia and I’m the author and content creator of Little Foot Adventures.

I started to travel since young age but it wasn’t until I moved abroad from Portugal to England in 2012 that I started to seriously explore the world. Five years and 38 countries later the bucket list just seems to keep growing.

The adventurous spirit has been a constant in my life and as a result I have many stories to tell, from bungee jumping in New Zealand to swimming with sharks in South Africa, you name it!

 My passion for travel, adventure and photography made me start Little Foot Adventures in 2016 as a hobby after I moved to Denmark. It quickly grown into a mission to empower people to travel the world, providing useful travel tips, inspiration and advice to specific destinations.

I am not a professional journalist/photographer and I believe this is why people relate to me as I share the truth about my experiences. From backpacking to staying at luxury resorts I have tried everything and in each experience I have learned, most of all, something about myself.

Join me on this adventure around the world and I hope that I can inspire you to travel more and above all, to see, learn and think with an open mind all the difference that exists in the world we live in.

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