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One day in Quito: Follow my steps

Quito, the capital of Ecuador has an elevation of 2,850 meters above sea level, making it the highest capital city in the world. This and the fact that the region was home for numerous indigenous cultures even before the Inca empire made me want to stop there. During my travels through South America I stopped there for 2 days and that was enough to put up this ‘one day guide’. Follow my steps Morning Wake up and have breakfast with the amazing view from Cotopaxi Hostel. Get a taxi Yes, a taxi! In Quito there a lot of taxi drivers
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Where is the Equator line in Ecuador?

The Equator line is about 40,075km and it’s an imaginary line that goes from the North Pole to the South Pole dividing the Earth into Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. The latitude in equator is 0°. In the Equator sunrise and sunset times are almost constant throughout the year and there is little distinction between seasons with basically two seasons the ‘wet season’ and the ‘dry season’. The average temperature is around 30°C during the day and 23°C at night. I really wanted to visit Ecuador because of the equator line and in there they take great pride in their special  location.
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