Planning your visit to Cinque Terre

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Cinque Terre is not one particular location, it means ‘Five Lands’ and refers to five different villages located on the coast of the Ligurian region of Italy. The whole area is part of the Cinque Terre National Park and is a Unesco World Heritage Site. Why visit Cinque Terre? The beautifully preserved landscape with the colourful houses on the cliffs facing the sea is the main attraction and one of the main reasons people visit. The small streets in the villages fill up with people every day coming from all over the world with something in common between all of
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Planning a Safari in Kenya: 9 easy steps

From the Swahili, safari means journey and it is quite a journey since the moment you start planning to the moment you get to see the most beautiful animals in their natural habitat. As you probably noted from my previous articles, I loved the safari in Kenya and truly believe that I will come back. Getting to see the wildest animals in a rush of adrenaline of most of the game drives was out of this world! STEP 1: Is a safari for me? If you are thinking to go on a safari you should think in first place if
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A Safari in Kenya: 16 Animals you can expect to see

Having just come back from a safari in Kenya I can now say that if at the beginning I was a apprehensive on how the days would go, driving around in the dust and heat of the savanna, I can now say that I have become a great safari enthusiastic.  Can’t wait to repeat it in other parts of Africa. Watching the animals in their natural habitat, doing what they are meant to do since they were born, living in harmony makes it beautiful! Also, I have learned a lot about these wild animals, as I had great guides with
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