Isabela Island is the sea lions paradise and also the largest of all the islands in the Galapagos. I spent one day there but I wish I had more time there because the encounters with the animals were just too good!

Let nature take its course

To visit certain parts of the island we needed an official guide from the Galapagos, something that is one of the rules from the Galapagos National Park. Another rule is the fact that you need to keep a distance from the animals, even when they want to touch you or they have a problem. An example of how hard this can be was when we arrive to the island and we saw a sea lion suffering and bleeding from a shark bite (something that is common) and we could not do anything.

In Isabela became one with nature

In this island there are not a lot of tourists and it’s nice to just ‘be one of the locals’. The fauna is beyond compare. We started our tour visiting the Tortoise Center and learned about the conservation challenges through the years and the importance of helping the turtles to grow strong so they can be release into the  wild later on their lives, something that also happens on Santa Cruz Island.

Then quick stop to see the Flamingos. ⤵️ They looked so relaxed! We headed for lunch and had a tasty seafood parrilla.

After that a wander around the beach and a small break for snorkeling. The sea lions are just everywhere, we cannot escape from them!

A diva Sea Lion ????
They play with you but are very territorial – you can only sit in their bench if they allow you to! ????
Sea lions own the island ❤️
We had a swim in here! The ocean temperature was very warm ????
The Galapagos Sea Lion have a population of about 50,000 within the islands

We were also crazy about the giant iguanas, just look at them!

Land iguanas can live for more than 50 years ‼️


Hope you liked my adventures in the Galapagos Islands as much as I did!

Isabela Island, Galapagos

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