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    my 2016 memories

    When December comes it’s normal to start thinking about what to do next year and do a review of the year, or if you are like me, you are always thinking of what to the following year! But it is also time to think of new goals in your life and ways to achieve them. I always like to sit down and write mine, not that I do them all anyway but it’s great to think what I could do anyway.

    Just remember, whatever happened last year is done and cannot be changed. What you can is set yourself new goals, maybe one for each month like me. It’s a whole new year, with 12 months and anything can happen!

    Looking at my year in review I think where has this year gone? It’s almost the end of the 2016 and I feel like time has gone too fast! Saying that, as I think about all that I have done this year it makes me wonder how I did so much!?

    My monthly highlights


    I started 2016 the best way ever; by doing what I am most passionate about – Neonatal Nursing. And what a fun night that was! It was also during this month that I got promoted at work, always good!


    I was super excited about this trip, the longest ever! It took me about 30 hours to visit Queenstown in New Zealand and Sydney in Australia. I loved every minute of it and would be more than happy to live over that side of the world at some point in my life!





    My sister and her family came to spend Easter with me in London. It was nice to be a tourist in London as most time I was just working.


    I started the month with goodbyes, friends from all my circles gathering around to wish me good luck on my new adventure. I am so grateful for all of them; you are the best I could wish for! And then off to Copenhagen by car that took us about 2 days and the journey went smoothly. After a one week of living here I was already feeling the difference, it’s a much more relaxed city than London and I love it!


    A quick city break in Riga and Rome just before the ‘I do’ was really nice. I got to know this pretty little city (soon on the blog).



    The month started in the craziest way with my Hen Party in Mallorca. A week after I got married, and this was the most special event of the whole year, were I had all my family and friends together to celebrate with me such a special moment in my life. Obviously the honeymoon in the Maldives was also a highlight of the year.


    The first days of July went quick with a mini break in Rome and a week in Holland, these days were so relaxing, it was super sunny! The month finished with a fiends reunion in Switzerland.



    I started August going to Oslo for another mini city break; I had time to get to know the city like a proper explorer. Then off to Brazil were I had a wedding. I got to know Fortaleza and Jericoacoara that I loved and would come back in a heartbeat.



    The month of my birthday was spent the best way possible, one of my best friends got married in Portugal and it was nice to have all the friends together in such a special event. And off course spending my birthday with my family it’s the best thing ever!


    After my week in Ukraine I decided to seriously get creative and create this blog. It was crazy in the beginning because I knew nothing about computers or blogs, so I think that for myself I did something that I am proud about.


    A city break in the middle of the month to Tallinn was super cool, as I was able to play in the snow and get to know a new city.


    The end of this year was rewarding. I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award and invited to be part of a new project: creating walking paths for a new app on the market, the Walkli. Also, spend my first Christmas in Copenhagen.

    Hope you do a review of your year and maybe use my template for your 2016 memories – feel free to pin it!


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