As part of a 6 days and 5 night’s safari in Kenya with Flash McTours  Safari Company we visited Lake Nakuru for 1 day. I will share my experience in this park that served as a break in between two major safari areas.

Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park is relatively small when compared with other parks and it’s easy to explore in one day. The park is located in the Southern Rift Valley, Kenya.

The lake attracts many visitors, mainly because of one of the most beautiful bird spectacles on earth, when thousands and sometimes even millions of flamingos getter around in the shores of the lake. The park is also known for the enormous amount of bird species, over 400 already.

Although you can see almost the same animals in the Maasai Mara, driving off road is strictly forbidden and the vehicles should be on the defined paths at all times.

The roads are dusty and rocky but the scenario of the savanna is beautiful. Gorgeous giraffes roam the savanna together with the numerous baboons.

Entry fees: Non Residents (Kenya) – adults 90 US$ (this should be included in your tour).

How to get there? By car from Nairobi it’s only 2 hours, so perfect for a day out. It can also be visited as part of a safari circuit, normally from Maasai Mara and will take about 5 hours driving. A chartered small aircraft can also land at Naishi airstrip.

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From Maasai Mara to Lake Nakuru

A drive of 5 hours, with some small stops on the way, took us from Maasai Mara to Lake Nakuru.

Having the afternoon to relax before our next game drive meant that I was hoping to soak up on a bit of civilization and maybe…some Wi-Fi?! But in Africa you should really avoid making plans – the hotel generator had failed so no electricity was available.

What to do then?

Well, out to look for an adventure, of course! It was very hot outside and we were in no mood for shopping. The receptionist in the hotel recommended a pool. They advise us to take a bike, so we left looking for it and for 1$ the taxi/bike took me and my husband on it. In about 10 minutes we were there, a public pool that cost us 2$ for the rest of the day. It was a very good way of spending the rest of the day after roughing it in the Maasai Mara.

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Game drive in Lake Nakuru

The next day we left our hotel at 7am with our bags packed to continue our itinerary at the end of the game drive in the park.

We started the day in the funniest way! A soon as we entered the park, dozens of baboons were running toward us, they were everywhere. They were frenetic about grooming each other and eating fruits and grass. They also tried to jump towards our cameras and on our vehicle a lot of times!

A bit shocking when we were watching a group of gazelles, and all the suddenly, we saw these baboons screaming and running really fast. We could not see anything and then our guide said to pay attention on what the baboons were eating, and it was a baby gazelle. Its raw nature and it seemed a bit cruel, but Lawrence explained to us that this is not very common.

We have found the rhinos! 

We continued our game drive, looking for the rhinos, as Lawrence (our guide) said, we would most definitely see the white rhinos.

The park is a sanctuary for the rhinos. To keep out the poachers there is a fence around the park but that doesn’t seem to change the animals’ movements as the park has been enlarged recently. Because of this, the park has seen the numbers of black and white rhinos grow considerable and they monitor this species carefully.

Then with great excitement for all group members we found the rhinos! It was a group of five white rhinos all together, sleeping under a tree, together with zebras and warthogs. This is something that is common, as rhinos eat during the night and rest during the day.

We stayed for quite a while observing their movements and when they stand up we could watch how big they were, but they seemed very friendly towards the others animals.

During the rest of the game drive we have also spotted other animals such as lions, gazelles, buffalos, zebras, giraffes and wildebeest.

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Walking Safari

We drove up to Baboons Cliff, a view point, famous for flamingo watching. We finally left the car for a while and it was refreshing. The view was fantastic and inspiring and gave us chance to stretch our legs and relax for a small break.

Lake Nakuru National Park is very famous for the thousands, sometimes millions of flamingos that live along the shore. They feed on specific algae from the lake that is in great amounts.

The population varies during the year, depending on the alkalinity of the lake, something that we only learned once there. From what we had read before, normally in the dry season there a lot of flamingos in the lake, but we were not lucky. As I said before, in previous articles, this is wildlife and it’s not guaranteed to see the animals even if you plan to do it.

Unfortunately in the time I have visited the flamingos have migrated to another area and there were only a few of them on the distance and we could hardly see them.

Because of this, we then went on a walking safari a bit near the lake, in order to see some of flamingos that were feeding in that area. They were dozens and with that beautiful characteristic pink colour.

At the same time we were watching them, there were numerous bird’s species that we spotted with various colours and they seemed interested in us. Far away we could see some zebras too. The car was not far away so I did not felt unsafe. It was good to just walk around the savanna, almost like our ancestors.

How was your experience? Similar? Share it with me below on comments.

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  1. Awesome pictures, and thanks for sharing your experience about your journey. Now I am excited to plan things like this with my friends. For the adventurous trip. Thanks 😍

  2. Wow, what a wonderful place for adventure and fun. thank you for sharing your experiences and the lovely photos. i hope to go there one day 🙂

  3. Africa has always been blessed with lots of vegetation and mighty landscape, i love the photos of the animals they are indeed beautiful and amazing.

  4. Welcome to Kenya!I’m so happy to learn about your adventure in my country!Well, I’m in fact very humbled. Anyway, Lake Nakuru is such a destination: right from the dry savanna to the too much animals that are there and to the flamingos which offer such a terrific view especially from an aerial point! At some point, when the flamingos are too much, it’ll always seem to be like a pink carpet. Have fun in Kenya!

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