Spending a week in the Dominican Republic was the rest I needed away from a cold summer in Denmark. Staying at Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa meant that we were incredible close to Saona Island.

Even before I left I have heard great things about this day trip. I knew I did not want to venture a lot away from the resort as the point for this trip was to relax doing nothing but I couldn’t lose the opportunity to visit such a beautiful and unspoiled island of the Dominican Republic.


Located on the south east part of the Dominican Republic on a short distance from the mainland, Saona Island is a government protected nature reserve, part of the Eastern National Park.

Saona Island is the largest of the Dominican Republic’s islands and very popular along visitors who visit on a day trip.

Saona Island

It’s what I would have dreamed of a desert island with white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters with colourful fish swimming in it and lots of coconuts lying around.

When walking away from the main part where people gather around for lunch and swimming activities, a tropical paradise of palm trees and untouched beaches can be seen. A lush for the eyes!

Saona Island


The easiest way is to travel by boat as part of an organized excursion from the mainland. Catamarans and speedboats are the usual way of transportation to and from the island.


I booked my trip in the resort as soon as I arrived but there are several companies with all kinds of offers.

From the beach of La Romana we took the catamaran with our guide and the rest of the group early in the morning. It was super sunny already and we went straight to the nets, feeling the breeze and the sun on the way to the island.

All kinds of drinks and snacks were available on board and tropical juices were a treat for the heat.


Our first stop was ‘La Piscina Natural’, a natural pool in a sandbar that forms a pool in the middle of the ocean just of the shore.

Saona Island
Saona Island

We had the opportunity to snorkel there and see all the starfish around, so colorful and beautiful. There also lots of fish and it’s easy to get lost snorkeling after them.

Saona Island

Saona Island
Saona Island


We got to Saona Island by lunch time and went straight to the covered restaurant they had set, just as you arrive.

Lots of palm trees and white sand everywhere – couldn’t think of a better place to have a delicious lobster. A mixed buffet of pasta, rice, vegetables and fruits was served with the lobster and also beef, pork and chicken.  We got to talk with other people from the group and the time went quick!

Saona Island

After lunch was time to relax and enjoy the island. Lots of swimming, snorkeling and an hour exploring the palm trees paradise!

Saona Island
Saona Island
Saona Island

Later we left the island, this time on a speedboat which made the way back much shorter but we were back in time for cocktails by the pool.

I totally recommend this day trip if you’re visiting Dominican Republic, it’s a fun and relaxing day that you will cherish on your holiday memories forever.

Have you been to Dominican Republic and visit Saona Island? How was your experience?

Saona Island, Dominican Republic

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  1. I heard about Dominican Republic but Saona Island is new to me. Fantastic place with natural beauty and crystal clear water. I think authorities are taking strict efforts to maintain the island in the present level. I wish to visit Saona at least once.

    1. Yes they are! They are careful in preserve it clean both on the island as on the water surrounding, really enjoyed my trip!

  2. Your pictures are so dreamy especially the one with flowers in your hair that screams Aloha so bad. I need to book some holidays, preferably where there are palm trees and white sand beaches.

  3. I can’t think of a better way to spend a day. A little piece of heaven, if there ever was one. I can’t get over how clear and blue the water was in the natural pool. What did it feel like to touch the cute little starfish? x

    1. I tried to just keep it under water but it felt nice! They were a lot of them just there and on the beach of the island there were lots of fish too!

  4. Wow! the natural pool really amaze me. The place looks like a paradise calm and clean water – pictures you posted speak so much of the place. This is really a great getaway.

  5. Honestly, never heard about this island. But looks awesome in the images. The water is so clear! Do they have seven color water? I am sure you had a great time 🙂 Saona is definitely going in my travel list. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  6. This looks enchanting island, how serene and crystal clear waters they have. You got to pamper a start wish, whoa, that was big!

  7. The ‘La Piscinas Naturals’ reminds me of Porto Moniz in Madeira, which also has natural swimming pools but these are definitely less rocky and I am sure a lot warmer! I have always found the Dominican Republic to be stunning and it is easy to see why you like it so much!

  8. I’ve never heard about this island before but it looks like an awesome place to spend quality time at. Thank you for sharing!
    Btw, what camera are you using? the pics are really beautiful

    1. Hi, I’m using the Canon 100d which is perfect in size! Also use a GoPro 4 for the water photos. All edited with Lightroom, X

  9. This is such a beautiful place, that water is so dreamy! I really wish I was on this island instead of the UK right now, it’s so cold and grey here. I’m jealous. Thanks a lot haha hope you had the best time 🙂

  10. This looks so incredible! Where can I sign up? The lunch and tropical juices sound delicious, the island looks like true paradise, and I absolutely love speedboats. Last time I had an opportunity to take a speedboat trip I was pregnant and they wouldn’t let me on, I don’t expect I’ll have another opportunity any time soon. Reminds me.. I must buy a lottery ticket!

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