Jericoacoara or just ‘Jeri’ is a small fishing village in Ceará, Brazil. It’s located about 300km from Fortaleza and it’s a place that will enter your heart and never leave!

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Hidden paradise

The area was declared Environmental Protection Area in 1984 and since 2002 a National Park so, naturally, this destination is highly preserved by everyone living there.

To give you and insight of how special this little village is, electricity only got there in 1998 and things like hot showers and air conditioning were non-existing until recently. Even now, the street lights are generated by the restaurants and bars illumination.

I was very excited to get there, maybe because it’s so isolated from the rest of the cities around or maybe because of the simplicity and the whole contact with nature.

A long and hard road to get there…

…but worth it! From Fortaleza I went on a bus from FRETCAR® (cheapest option). The last part of the journey is done in a 4×4 truck throughout the dunes and along the beach.

Good vibes only

Once I got there that was it! Jeri it’s a peaceful, happy and laid-back village. Time slows down, no traffic, no stress, no rushing for anything! 

Because the streets in Jeri are made of sand there is no point in taking anything that flip-flops, so from the moment you wake-up until you go to bed you are eternally on the beach. I must say I really enjoyed this freedom, that’s what Jeri it’s all about: take off your make-up, take off your heels, loosen up your hair and there you go = adventure!

I loved every second of it! Most days I would have fresh fruit and juices and some delicious tapioca in our little Pousada Ibiscus. Then off to the beach, relaxing, lying on the chair with the water touching my hands and watch the world go by! Sellers of caipirinhas of all flavours and colours and hammocks sellers would go pass the beach over and over again during the day. A favourite of mine was having some barbecue chicken in the beach, it was super tasty!

The main road is called Rua Principal were most of the restaurants and shops are located and it’s also the main entrance to the beach. Rua do Forró its parallel to it and a bit more quiet, that’s where my Pousada was located.

If you do visit, learn from my mistakes! Bring money with you, there no cash machines in the village. Most of the restaurants accept card payments but during the day if you want something in the beach or booking some travels around you have to pay in cash. During my stay I was getting money from the main supermarket Supermercado Tem de Tudo but the exchange rates were really high.

Nightlife in Jeri

At night I had amazing meals, just the thought of it right now my heart beats fast…☺️! Walking around through the restaurants and little shops it’s very romantic because of all the lights and with people playing songs as you walk along the main street it’s just magical.

Prepare yourself for long nights, parties always start from 23:00 to 00:00 and they go until the morning, it seems hard to believe when you arrive but really it’s that cool! The trick it’s to have a nap in the afternoon and then dance until the morning! My favourite spot to start the night was Samba Rock for the amazing super big caipirinhas and then later the Forro at D. Amelia restaurant.


 Sunset Duna – Duna do Pôr do Sol

In this gigantic dune, about 30m high, tourists and residents gather around every day to watch the sunset, with a drink or two, to enjoy a spectacular view of the sun going down. I loved the atmosphere. I could do that every day for the rest of my life, over and over again. I don’t know what makes it so special but every time I’m in Brazil, watching the sunset takes a very special place in our day-to-day routines. As always in Brazil, the sunset is seen out with a round of applause by everyone watching.

While in Jeri I went in 2 major days out where I’ve seen some spectacular scenarios, miles and miles of amazing beaches, enormous sand dunes and beautiful lagoons.

Full day 4×4 vehicle experience

Pedra Furada

This a mandatory stop in Jeri, but it was not an easy one! So, to get there it’s a 45 minute walking in the sand. This rock has become a symbol of Jericoacoara and it was included in my way to Lagoa do Paraiso. The amazing scenario until I got there made it easy for the walk. it’s pretty impressive once you get to the massive rock. I would not repeat this again but it was worth the experience.

The ride continued through Praia do Préa which is in high demand for Kitesurfing. I did not venture in this as the lessons were a bit expensive and time consuming but I can tell that’s probably one of the best spots to do it if you have the time. 

Lagoa do Paraiso

This lagoon it’s a post card from Jeri ❤️. It’s beautiful, it’s relaxing! Blue waters, white sand, amazing seafood around and a very natural beauty.I just to laid in the hammocks inside the water and it was very calm to swim in as well. 


Full day Buggie experience

Mangue Seco

It’s a small little village, where you see the dead mangrove trees looking like a forest scenario. 

Sea Horse ride

On the way to Lagoa de Tatajuba a quick stop to see the sea horses. I was very impressed with the facts about the sea horses that I learned while doing this small boat trip across the river. 

Tatajuba Lagoon – Lagoa de Tatajuba

This ride ends in Tatajuba lagoon. It was probably the best one for me because of the scenery throughout the dunes, it’s spectacular and our guide driving the buggy made it very special by racing up and down some really steep dunes whilst blasting out some classic hits.

From about 25km from Jeri, there it is, a fresh water lagoon, where again time slows down, there are some water sports to do, fresh fish to eat and the big hammocks that touch the water…life can’t get any better than this  that was my thoughts as I lay there!

I tried Stand Up Paddle there. It’s very calm and easy for someone who never tried this before. I loved working on my balance that I am terrible with.

So, don’t miss out on your travels! Visit this amazing little village and enjoy a very relaxed free way of living! ❤️

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  1. My heritage is Portuguese as my parents hail from Madeira so I would love to go to Jeri. I love that the roads are made from sand and the thought of a private lagoon has me craving a holiday fast! It is so nice that you created a video to document your travels as well!

    1. Thank you Ana! I still have to work my way around videos but had to share the way the go around there in the sand, great fun! It’s a really relaxed part of the world, if you ever have the opportunity it’s really nice!

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