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Back in June as part of a road trip through the north of Portugal I had the opportunity to stay at Hotel & Spa Alfândega da Fé for one night.

I have heard a lot of good things about the hotel before my visit and was quite excited, especially about the outside Spa.

Driving up there was a treat! The hotel is located at the top of a hill in the middle of the nature. At several points we just stopped the car to breathe the genuine fresh air and embrace the peace.

You know that saying ‘become one with nature’ well, what can I say? This is the place to do it! Once I arrived to Hotel & Spa Alfândega da Fé, settled my bags in the room and went for a walk outside I can only describe as pure heaven.

I could hear the birds, the wind on the fields, the water running in the background and for that time my head was not thinking about anything else, just pure relax.

Hotel & Spa Alfândega da Fé

Located in the north of Portugal, in a region considered World Heritage, the hotel has privileged views over the famous vineyards of the area.

At 1,100 m altitude, the hotel scenery is absolutely unique and incredibly romantic. As I was lying on the outdoor water mirror I couldn’t stop myself from thinking how lucky was I to be from such an incredible beautiful country!

Little Foot Adventures-Portugal

How to get there?

If you’re thinking to go to this hotel you should really include driving up there because it’s quite remote. From Alfândega da Fé, the closest town, it’s still a 14 minutes’ drive, so you really need a car to move around. Plus the fact that I would include this hotel as part of a road trip (like I did) because there are so much beautiful towns around to explore.

From Porto airport it’s a 2h drive. The route has tolls so be prepared.

Hotel & Spa Alfândega da Fé

The rooms at Hotel & Spa Alfândega da Fé

The rooms are simple, yet sophisticated with everything you would expect from a 4 Star hotel. All the amenities are provided: TV, kettle for tea and coffee, comfortable bed and spacious bathroom but the pearl is the outdoor balcony.

When I arrived and drop my bags I ran to open the curtains and was presented with an incredible view over the hills. It was so green and quiet that I could not resist having a cup of coffee on the balcony while enjoying the peace that the hotel offers.

Hotel & Spa Alfândega da Fé

The SPA experience at Hotel & Spa Alfândega da Fé

So, to give an overall idea the all hotel is pretty much Spa orientated, as there are several areas where you can relax in peace, unwinding from the outside world.

You can just wonder around on a robe (the hotel provides this) feeling cosy!

On the first floor you can book Spa treatments and beautify rituals (check them here). There is also a gym, sauna, Turkish bath, warmed pool and a Jacuzzi.

Outside you can enjoy from massages and Vichy showers. But, the five stars go to the outdoor Jacuzzi warmed to 38ºC, suspended on a platform at 1,100 m altitude with wonderful views. All this services are extra charged.

Hotel & Spa Alfândega da Fé

Another feature very relaxing it’s the outside ‘sort’ of pool, which is actually a water mirror but you’re still able to refresh yourself while admiring the views.

Hotel & Spa Alfândega da Fé

After I tried all of these I just relaxed outside and had a little nap while getting the sun rays! It felt so good to do this, you really forget about the rest of the world.

Hotel & Spa Alfândega da Fé

Luscious traditional Portuguese food

I had the opportunity to have dinner at the Hotel & Spa Alfândega da Fé restaurant and I can only say I was really impressed.

It was very quiet, maybe because it was in the middle of the week but it was good in a way because I got to seat by the window. The views are so inspiring and it’s the perfect location to enjoy a traditional Portuguese meal after a day relaxing at the Spa.

The food is cooked to perfection. Delicious flavours and seasoning using the traditional olive oil and herbs from the region, all served in a very stylish way.

There are also two bar areas: inside, where you can get cosy by the fireplace or if the weather allows there is also an outside bar.

Around Hotel & Spa Alfândega da Fé

Our way to the hotel we made a lot of stops in beautiful towns. Places that I visited when I was a kid and are rich in Portuguese traditions. I wanted to refresh my memory and also show to my English husband how beautiful Portugal is beyond Porto and Lisbon.

Very close to the hotel you have the town of Alfândega da Fé. In this region, depending on the time of the year, you can see the spectacular blossom of the almond trees; pick some fresh cherries or chestnuts and walk along the famous vineyards from where the Porto wine is produced.

Amarante, Portugal

As part of a road trip you can include other cities near like Bragança, Macedo de Cavaleiros, Moncorvo, Mogadouro, Vila Flor, Mirandela, Amarante, Peso da Regua, Lamego, Porto and many others that I will write about here soon.

Lamego, Portugal

You will encounter many rivers, quaint towns full of culture and history toped up the marvellous views and friendly people. If you’re not convinced yet, I leave you some inspiring photos of some of these towns and you can also check my Instagram where I already shown you some of these beautiful places.

Amarante, Portugal

In my opinion

I highly recommend this hotel to everyone – it’s quiet, cosy and will definitely make you feel very special.

The rooms are nicely presented; the environment is very relaxing where you will recharge your batteries in the middle of the nature.

I also recommend you to try the restaurant because it’s excellent!

As always, thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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Hotel and Spa Alfandega da Fe, Portugal

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    1. Hey! I think you should go over the summer or winter. In the summer you get some sun which is great but it must be awesome as well during the winter to do the jacuzzi with maybe a bit of snow!

  1. Didn’t know about that area. It looks, from that one landscape foto, like there are some nice trails to walk there. The Spa would be very useful after a 10 mile hike.

  2. OMG this is stunning. We have a family friend who runs an authentic resort in southern Portugal. I think we need to go back and visit her so that I can do a side trip to here. Wow….love it.

  3. The spa certainly looks amazing. I would love visiting all of Portugal really. I have seen some amazing pictures of the places they have out there. So many different places to discover. And the food looks fabulous as well.

    1. Thank you! There are so many I’m hoping to put some on a blog post soon! Let me know if you’re heading to Portugal, X

  4. Wow that place just looks so amazing. I could see myself in that Jacuzzi or in the pool just chilling out and certainly just lying there looking at that view. Next time I am in Portugal I am going to look into going to this place 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness, this looks absolutely fantastic. The views are amazing, the food looks delicious and it sounds like the perfect spot to recharge your batteries.

  6. I was looking at your photos and all I could say was “Ooh” and “Wow.” That place would guarantee the ultimate relaxation experience! I hope to visit Portugal and stay at that hotel and spa. If I could live there, I would!

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