The islands of the Caribbean are one of those dreamy places with white sandy beaches and turquoise water and Dream La Romana Resort & Spa  is part of this paradise. For me, if you’re looking for relaxing holidays without any worries and a break away from the daily routine these islands are easy options.

This was exactly what I and my husband needed back in September. After a disappointing summer in Copenhagen with rain and cold temperatures most of the days, I felt like I wanted a treat for my birthday. My husband seemed to have read my mind and organize a surprise trip to the Dominican Republic. He booked Dream La Romana Resort & Spa on the Caribbean coast of the Dominican Republic for a week and we had a great time!


Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa is a luxury resort located Bayahibe about one hour drive from Punta Cana airport.

For someone who wants to relax without any concerns this is the place! Numerous pools, beautiful white sandy beach, all-inclusive food and drinks, where everyone is smiling. The resort it’s full of green spaces and numerous palm trees, all very well looked after.

Dominican Republic

The only decisions you will have to do will be which restaurants/cocktails you’re going to try that day.

As soon as we arrived I felt like ‘a million dollars’. Everything was pristine and very tropical with the sun shining, just what we needed! We were received by amazing staff and our care just continued to be perfect throughout our stay there.

Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa


The rooms are comfortable and beautifully decorated in shades of blue and brown wood. The bathroom was large with a walk-in-shower that I loved!

They are well stocked with a TV, air conditioned, coffee machine and a mini-fridge with beer, water and juices which were all free.

Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa

We had a balcony just in front of the to the Preferred Club pool where the sun would shine all day, perfect for the first coffee of the day.

For all types of rooms available in Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa check more here.


When my husband booked he reserved a room on an adult-only area not knowing that would give us access to the Preferred Club adults-only section in the Resort (there is another one for families).

We then realized when we arrived to check in, that being on this Preferred Club category would give us some extra privileges during our stay.

We booked the Preferred Club mostly because of the adult-only area. But there were other things that were really nice:  private check-in in the Preferred Club lounge, an exclusive pool for adults and even a private beach area.

Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa

In the Preferred Club lounge there were pastries and snacks all day and we were allowed to have breakfast and lunch there as well as in the Olio restaurant on top of the normal World Café (the international buffet area).

Our favourite thing was the fact that our room was right in the front of the preferred pool which gave us the rest we needed by moving as less as possible!

Overall if you’re thinking to book this extra or not, it did not make much difference. But it was nice to have access to the exclusive pool because it was much more calm and the bar less crowded that the main infinity pool.


The resort has four pools in four distinct areas. The main pool is massive with a hot tub, volleyball net, and an inflatable for kids to climb on. There are numerous activities during the day here, from sports to dancing, you name it!

Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa

The infinity pool overlooks the beach and it’s easy to go for a quick swim in the sea and come back to the pool to enjoy some cocktails as they have a swim up bar here. Plenty of chairs around the pool and you can drag them a bit inside the water which is nice to cool down as the temperatures were reaching 32°C some days.

Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa

The other two pools are reserved for Preferred Club guests. One for families and the other for adults only where there is a swim up bar.

The one we used most was the Preferred Club pool for adults only and it was just the perfect size for the amount of people going there with plenty of space to swim around and a swim up bar with two really nice staff members there all day. There was also a Jacuzzi perfect to have some mimosas!

Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa


The beach at the Resort is just like a dreamy paradise with soft white sand and clear blue water. The sea it’s very calm for swim and because of that was perfect to snorkel.  It was possible to see lots of fish and I was really impressed to see sting rays just on the shore.

Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa

During the day there are loads of activities around the beach. My favourite were the Zumba classes and the towel decoration, where they teach you how to do all kinds of objects with towels.

Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa


You probably got it by now that I love food! This Resort was something like heaven for me. So many options and everything deliciously cooked.

Not to mention that everything is absolutely all-inclusive and the a la carte restaurants do not require reservations which just goes with the philosophy of the Resort of having no worries.

There was the usual international buffet which was a really large space and very well organized with plenty of staff looking after everyone and a lot of a la carte restaurants most of them just for dinner. We loved the world Café, the international buffet restaurant. Sometimes we were going there after the other meals just for the desert! Heaven on heart!!

Our favourite ones for dinner were the Japanese restaurant with a spectacular mini-show of the chef cooking for us; the Seaside Grill with a big variety of fresh seafood and the Mediterranean restaurant Olio.

Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa
Olio Restaurant
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa
Seaside Grill
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa
Japanese Restaurant

At any time of the day is possible to have snacks across the many bars in the Resort.


This resort is specialized in Spa treatments and they offer a large variety of massages and treatments you can do on the outdoor rooms and private pools like whirlpool or hydro massage. They even have a full service for beauty treatments for hair, nails and others.

Also in the same area there is a fitness center and games room.  At night the entertainment is incredible with every night carefully thought from circus to dance shows, we really loved it!

Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa

After these shows you can check out the Casino and the Disco which we did went and they were really nice where we had great fun.

For families with Kids the Explorer’s Club is a good option, fully supervised and with lots of entertainment. I kept seeing the kids doing lots of activities.


The proximity of the Resort to Saona Island makes it one the easiest trips out of the Resort.

There are a lot of excursions and they have really nice staff that can help you booking these activities. We only booked our trip to the Saona Island once settled in the resort and it was just what we expected. I will be talking more about this trip on my next post.

Saona Island


The Staff at the Resort were really nice and they took care of us in every way. During our stay Hurricane Irma passed through the island and they went over the top to make sure we still had an amazing stay and were comfortable. Food was good in all restaurants with everything you could imagine. Everything was clean, well maintained and organized.

I really recommend this Resort either you go as a couple, group of friends or as a family because it will be an amazing time, they definitely put a bug on us to go back to the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic, Dreams Resort La Romana

I was not sponsored by Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa for this review. As always, thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I actually visited the Dominican Republic in October, but I stayed in a 5* resort in Puerto Plata, in the north of the island! This resort looks and sounds amazing though – and funnily enough, the couple sat next to me on the plane stayed at Dreams in La Romana 🙂 x

  2. You are really selling the Dominican Republic to me! This looks like paradise, the pool just looks heavenly – as does the food! I also love your inflatable unicorn, I’d like one for the paddling pool in my garden next summer!

  3. I just got back to New York after being down south for the holiday. Then I see this again … and my gosh, how I wish I was on this island at this resort. Nothing like being treated like royalty.

  4. Wow I am a little jealous, this resort looks amazing and the rooms look like one of the best well stocked suits I have ever seen. The information that you have given on this post awesome thank you 🙂

  5. They are smart to have separate pools for adults only and for families with young children. Not against kids on vacation but sometimes a rowdy and noisy bunch with non attentive parents can be quite annoying for the other guests. Lovely photos and good weather. Glad you had a wonderful getaway.

  6. My goodness, La Romana Resort looks like the lap of luxury. Isn’t it nice to take a break from the daily grind and allow yourself to be pampered? I’d especially love to take a swim in the infinity pool. I always think they’re the coolest things. x

  7. This looks like a dream place! All of your photos are so beautiful- the ones at the beach are my favorite. I love the idea of adult only pools. I will definitely be checking for a preferred club when I go on vacation next time!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your world with us! From reading this post, I want to go here just so I can feel like a million bucks. How the experience makes me feel is the most important to me… and how you felt is more than enough. It looks like such a relaxing time. I hope you guys were able to explore a little bit outside of the resort. 🙂

  9. You have an amazing husband! And the picture of you in the dark at the palm tree? You look so beautiful! If I ever have a chance to travel out of my state I will for sure look into this destination! (And btw, your drink cozy is freakin awesome!)

  10. Looks like you were having the time of your life. This place is beautiful and probably something I could only dream of. Sounds like being in the Preferred club turned out to be all for the best as well. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hey, not at all! Lots of babies and toddlers running around! And they had lots of activities for them and a babysitter service, everyone has a place in the Resort, is very big and lots of different areas for all ages, X

  11. So many feelings, where do I begin?! Firstly, I just came back from a trip to Copenhagen, and was blessed with blue skies for most of it. Love it there! Actually just posted on my blog about it too…Secondly, my boyfriend and I had reservations here at Dreams La Romana for a friend’s wedding, but we had to cancel due to Hurricanes Irma and Maria 🙁 Your photos are amazing! Now I really have to make this trip happen! Thanks for sharing <3

    1. I hope you do, really recommend the resort! It’s beautiful and sea it’s so warm and clear, proper Caribbean style, would go back right now!!

  12. Oh my god your unicorn float is everything I need it in my life and how lovely of him to reward you with a trip to La Romana Resort Spa. No wonder you felt like a million dollars, I love how pristine and clean everything looks and so glad – echoing Rachel’s sentiments that Irma did not affect your holiday too much thank goodness! x

    1. Yes, I was blown away with the surprise, after such bad weather in Denmark this last Summer…Irma came just for a night and a day but it disappeared quite quick because we were on the south of Island so not directly affected. Want to go back all the time now, xx

  13. That place looks phenonmenal! (I love your unicorn blow up by the way, so cute!) And the resort looks so luxurious. Im so glad Irma didn’t affect the region/your holiday too badly.

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