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    I was really excited to hear that I had been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award, my first award in the blogging world because it meant that someone really appreciated my work for the past 3 months. Thanks so much Jenn from The Redhead Abroad for this nomination! The Versatile Blogger Award made me super happy and honoured and really encourage me to continue blogging my travels to the world.

    What does it mean to receive the Versatile Blogger Award?

    The Versatile Blogger Award is given by bloggers to other bloggers that in some way show in their blog high quality of writing, unique subjects and love for what they do. The award also encourages bloggers to continue their good work.

    When I started doing this blog I had no idea of the amount of travellers blogging from around the world but I am glad to see so many adventurers who are passionate about travels, just like me! I love to read about their adventures and get inspired. I loved the idea of this award as we can honour other bloggers that inspire us in our life and in our blogging.

    The Rules for the Versatile Blogger Award

    • Thank the person who gave you this award and include a link to their blog
    • Select up  blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered
    • Nominate those bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award
    • Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself

     My Versatile Blogger Award Nominees

    • Paulina and Pedro are a fun couple from Moments of Yūgen that invite you to their journey around the world where they share travel experiences, joys, fears, thoughts and above all, their moments of yū
    • Vibeke it’s a travel blogger and photographer from Norway writing the The Viking Abroad from Ecuador but she has lived in many more countries. Don’t miss out to read her amazing stories and tips from all over the world!
    • Leah from Five for the Road is passionate about blogging loves to share her tips and experiences on things to do with your family! I personally think it’s an inspiration her tips on travel planning with a big family.
    • Stephanie and Adam from Road Unraveled are the proof that you can balance your career and home life with travels around the world. Currently blogging from Washington they have visited countries all over the world but keep on planning much more. I have found their articles fascinating!

    Don’t forget to tell me 7 things about you, I am super curious!


    Now, for Jenn, The Redhead Abroad, 7 things you didn’t know about me

    1. I have lived in London for 2 years

    Before I move to Copenhagen I lived and worked in London. It was quite an experience and soon I will tell you more about it here on the blog.

    2. I am originally from Portugal

    Yes, I am Portuguese and with great pride. I moved from Portugal in 2012 to work in England. I have always had that dream of moving abroad because I wanted to travel so much.

    Praia da Barra, Aveiro

    3. My best travel ever was backpacking for 5 weeks in South America

    It was quite an adventure and it took almost 1 year of planning and a lot of swaps at work! But I made it and it was the best time of my life! Being on the road as a truth backpacker, dealing with problems such as missing flights, washing our cloths on the way, booking last minute accommodations was such a challenge for me and I loved every minute!

    4. I am a Nurse specialized in Neonatal care

    I did my graduation in Nursing in Portugal and then started to work in England as adult nurse, specializing later in Neonatal Intensive Care while working in London, it’s one of my big passions.

    With my Student Nurse uniform in Portugal

    5. I got married in June this year

    Another adventure this year and it’s great! Never thought I would come to England to meet the love of my life but here I am, happily married.

    6. In Brazil I feel home

    Every time I travel to Brazil I have this sensation of being home, the language is the same, food is amazing and people are absolutely easy going just like in Portugal.

    7. I will be living in Copenhagen until 2019

    Sadly I can only stay until 2019! I absolutely love to live in Copenhagen; it’s just perfect, has everything there is to have in a big city but at the same time feels cosy. It will be hard for me to move.

    I hope that I also inspire you and you can follow my new adventures at any time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest!






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