My Top 5 favourite places to visit in the Atacama Desert

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The stunning Geyser El Tatio and a Dip in Puritama Hot Springs

This natural geyser lies within El Tatio geothermic basin and is located 90km north of San Pedro de Atacama, approximately 4,320meters above the sea level – this is the highest geyser in the world. The great fumaroles come up to the surface through fissures, reaching temperatures of 85°C and up to 10 meters of height.


Because the best time to see it it’s between 6 and 7am, the tour to this started about 4am with temperatures of -17°C. I was freezing cold outside watching the geyser but it’s worth it because the scenery is just spectacular and when you are in front of the fumaroles you are speechless (a part from when I could not feel my toes that part I was moaning and it’s on video)!

My alternative skirt for the cold ????
My alternative skirt for the cold

A freezing morning was followed by a very hot afternoon with a swim in the Puritama Hot Springs. This was optional but of course I had to go!! It’s about 3,500 meters and the thermal water is between 33°C-34°C and full of all kinds of materials said to be amazing for your skin…hope so!



Exploring Moon Valley and Watch the sunset in Death Valley

The tour starts about 4pm in order to catch the sunset at the end of it. The first was at Cordillera de Sal and the landscape is breath taking…I loved it! In there you can basically shout out loud…you feel invincible and very small at the same time when confronted with the immensity of the big salt rock formations.


Then, located at about 10km from San Pedro, it was our next stop, the Moon Valley. We started by explore a Salt Cave formed by pre-historic river with some bizarre carved shapes in the walls. Some of the places inside are so low that I had to crawl my way out of it! I have used the light on my phone to illuminate some parts of the way but if you can take a flash light, much easier. Outside you climb up the rock formations and the soil just looks like the moon soil, hence the name. It’s a never ending scenario for pictures.

On the way to Death Valley there are some interesting statues of salt called Las Tres Marias. Well, only 2 now since one was destroyed by a tourist in the past…shame!


After this little adventure off to watch the sunset in Death Valley. This valley is best known by the red/orange hills and the very famous Coyote Stone were of course I had a picture taken!

Selfie-stick time!!
Mars scenario

The sunset in there was beautiful because of the the way that colours change as the sun goes down…once in a lifetime special <3.

Coyote Stone
Coyote Stone


Jump from rock to rock in Piedras Rojas and see the Altiplano Lagoons

To see the Red Rocks or Piedras Rojas it’s another early start and again be ready for the freezing cold! These red rocks are a dramatic scenario like I have never seen in my life with red rocks created from the volcanic lava over a bright green/blue lagoon. It’s so beautiful!


After this lunch was done in the little town of Socaire and it was emotional as there was this little orphan boy that was basically adopted by everyone in the village. Life it’s pretty simple out there, people eat what they plant and the animals they create, so, things like yoghurts were a treat, hence our tour guide bringing this little boy yoghurts all the time!


Then off to the lagoons! The Altiplano lagoons have stunning colours and crystalline waters making it the perfect scenario to enjoy the views from all the surrounding volcanoes and the Andes Mountains. The area is protected by the Flamingos National Reserve and the entrance requires a symbolic fee.

Miscanti Lagoon – 4,200 meters


Meñique Lagoon



Explore the white scenario of Atacama Salt Flat and visit Toconao Town

The Atacama Salt Flat or Salar de Atacama it’s Chile’s largest salt flat. In there you can basically walk on salt with miles and miles of small roads in between the rocks covered with salt.

I have also enjoyed seeing the pink Flamingos in Chaxa Lagoon.


After this we went to Toconao town. The town has a lot to offer when it comes to handmade clothes and decorative artwork, maybe buy a recuerdo or two! People are very friendly and the main square with the bell tower is also very pretty.


Food experiences

In one of the tours we stopped to have some barbecue llama. I must say it was a bit weird in my head the idea of eating llama but then again when you have to try you have to try…and it’s quite tasty?.

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