A Safari is a unique experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life and surely will want to repeat. For this adventure to go smoothly, I will give some advice on what to wear and avoid that hopefully will make your packing/safari experience much easier. Depending on the seasons you may take one or other extra but, with this list you should be able to pack for any safari throughout the year.

What to wear for a Safari

Neutral Clothes

You should be able to blend in with the surroundings as much as possible. Wear: greens, browns, khakis. Wearing bright colours may draw unnecessary attention to you and scare the animals. Wearing full black clothes may attract the Tsetse flies. White clothes will get dirty very quickly as the dust is a constant during game driving when they rush to find the animals.

Use Layers

Sure it’s hot during the day, but when you leave camp at 05:00 am or at 17:00 pm the temperature is dramatically low and you will be happy to have a fleece on. By wearing layers you will be able to remove or add as you go along during the day. Also, prefer the clothes with cotton material as they are much more comfortable when it’s hot – this is by experience! Keep in mind that the Safari vehicles are either completely open on the sides or with an open roof so the wind can be pretty strong.

A Multifunctional jacket

This type of jacket with several pockets will save lives! Literally, you easily put the several camera gadgets in and out as you need it so you don’t miss any actions from the animals.

Trousers or shorts?

It’s up to you! I have worn both and the comfort it’s the same. If you choose to wear trousers make sure they are of light material and neutral colours. Leggings are a good option. I suggest for the early game drives put on trousers and then after breakfast switch to shorts. Another option is to wear the trousers that zip off at the knee.

Sunglasses, hats and scarves

With the strong sun throughout the day, sunglasses will protect your eyes and make your viewing of the animals easier. Wearing a hat can also help with game viewing and will protect your face and head from sun burns. Scarves will keep you warm and protect you from the dust. They are also good to clean the lenses of the camera.

Comfortable shoes

I have used my hiking boots most days, just because I was going to gorilla tracking later on my trip and they are very comfortable.  But, if you are just going for the safari, you only need comfortable trainers or even simple sandals.


At the end of a safari there is nothing better than a dive in the pool and refresh your tired feet. Research where you are staying, not all lodges have this facility and you don’t want to pack unnecessary items.

Kibo safari camp

Casual Outfit

On the lodges the atmosphere is very relaxed, so for dinner a very simple casual outfit will do. Most of the days I just put on flip flops and simple dresses or a top and skirt.

1 Small Bag

This will be with you every day when out for game viewing. Choose one with some pockets, preferably front and side (to keep a bottle of water) and small. Try to pick one with neutral colours and preferably with thick straps to bear the weight of camera, water and other items that might be heavy.


Tell me if these advice’s helped you with your travels!

What to wear for a Safari in Africa


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